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Increase Your Margin of Safety: Don't let Sound Masking Wind Noise Interfere with Situational Awareness and Communications

  • Easier communications with other cyclists     

  • Hear approaching cyclists and vehicles sooner

  • Protect your hearing from excessive wind noise


#1 Most Effective

Unsurpassed Wind Noise Reduction

Our patented approach and proprietary materials reduce the most wind noise.

(Independently verified at Brandenburg Technical University)

The only cycling-related product to qualify for a

"Sound Permeable Wind Noise Reduction" utility patent

Unlike some products, Cat-Ears don't blockdesired sounds

(*Independently verified at Antioch University)

Over 150,000 customers in 50+ countries. Over 750 unsolicited testimonials.

Our products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and Made in the USA

Our Favorite Cycling Wind Gear 

"With Cat-Ears / AirStreamz, I found I was enjoying rides more... Simply because I could hear more of what I wanted and less of what I didn't."

G. Liu / J. Lindsay, Bicycling Magazine

Triathlon Essentials for Racing Fast, Training Hard, and Having Fun

"Wrap this half inch pile material around your helmet strap to reduce wind noise in your ears...  so you can more easily hear cars coming and friends talking."

Erin Beresini, Outside Magazine 

According to Amazon, our products are the Highest Rated and Best Selling.

Please visit our  Amazon Store  if you prefer to purchase our products through Amazon.

New Product Development

Given out testing capabilities and understanding of wind noise, we are continuously evaluating new materials and designs.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our latest new product developments.


"The average person facing a 21 mph wind experiences wind noise at an intensity of 92 dB."

(Experiments on the Noise Heard by Human Beings when Exposed to Atmospheric Winds, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway)

Hear the Wind Noise Difference - How Cat-Ears / AirStreamz work at 15 miles per hour.  

  • Wind Noise at 15 mph - without Cat-Ears / AirStreamz

  • Wind Noise at 15 mph - with patented Cat-Ears / AirStreamz


We test our products at different speeds (10-35 mph), turbulence levels, and yaw / pitch variations.

Wind Noise

Wind noise is a complex phenomenon spanning aerodynamics, acoustics, and the physiology of human hearing.  The amount of wind noise experienced depends on factors like 1) speed, 2) riding position, 3) turbulence, and so on.  At moderate cycling speeds, wind noise can impact the ability to hear surrounding sounds.

Testing / Analysis

In addition to road testing, we perform analysis in our custom aero-acoustic wind tunnel.  We utilize precision audio equipment, spectral analysis software, hot-wire anemometers, pressure probes, and flow visualization.  Furthermore, our products have been performance-tested, and confirmed, at Brandenburg Technical University.

Materials Engineering

Characteristics like porosity, permeability, and diffusion are evaluated for wind noise reduction effectiveness across a range of wind speeds and turbulence levels.  In this regard, we are the only cycling associated company to hold a wind noise reduction utility patent (No. 9,078,482 - Sound Permeable Wind Noise Reduction Device).

Acoustic Transparency

Communications and the ability to determine the location of surrounding sounds, like approaching vehicles, can be important for safer cycling.  Our products do not block the sounds that you want and need to hear.  In this regard, the materials we use have been independently tested for transparency at Antioch University.

Other Bicycling Wind Noise Reduction Products

There are variety of cycling related wind noise reduction products on the market.  Since we believe that wind noise reduction makes bicycling safer and more enjoyable, we invite you to learn more about all the available alternatives.

Click here for more information:  Other Bicycling Wind Noise Reduction Products


Custom Microphone Windscreens

Highly respected companies and organizations have selected our custom windscreens.  The unique properties of our pile materials contribute to unsurpassed performance.  And they are very effective in extreme wind conditions.


Innovative wind noise reduction solutions since 2012.
We stand behind our products as the most effective devices of their kind.

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