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Goal, Vision, Values...



To meet / exceed customer wind noise reduction expectations.


To be a premier provider of passive wind noise reduction solutions.


  • Keeping our promises and commitments.

  • Doing the right thing even if it means losing business.

  • Maintaining honesty, integrity, and transparency in all that we do.

Customer Focus

  • Delivering on our commitment to meet / exceed customer expectations.

  • Partnering with our customers to enhance product / performance satisfaction.

  • Listening to customer's challenges - anticipating their new product requirements.

Research Integrity

Use of honest and verifiable methods in proposing, performing, and evaluating research and reporting research results with particular attention to adherence to rules, regulations, guidelines, and commonly accepted professional codes and norms." (latest NIH guidance)

Intellectual Property

Cat-Ears aggressively protects its intellectual property (IP) and enforces its rights against others who take or use C-E's IP without proper authorization.  C-E's respects valid IP rights and avoids the unauthorized use of IP that legally belongs to other people or organizations.

At Cat-Ears, we imagine, solve, design, and lead.  Always with unyielding integrity.

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