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Aeroacoustic Test Heads

Given the aero-dynamic and acoustic testing requirements, we developed our own aero-acoustic heads for wind tunnel testing.  Our test heads have realistic characteristics, several life-like ear options, and simulated ear canals.

During 2019, we developed our second-generation test head.  It provides additional flow visualization capabilities.


In addition, we have evaluated the performance of our aeroacoustic heads under variable road cycling conditions.

Ears Shape Variation

We obtained six skin-like silicon ear sets designed for medical training or binaural recording.  After wind tunnel evaluation, we selected three sets for use with our specialized test heads - with size and concha cavum variation.


Acoustic Test Heads

Examples of commercially available acoustic heads.  They are primarily utilized for realistic binaural recording.


Aerodynamic Test Heads

Examples of artificial heads used by several bicycling helmet manufacturers to test aerodynamics and ventilation.


Multi-faceted testing helps us develop the most effective products.

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