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  • Which product is right for me?
    Our products are designed with all types of cyclists in mind. Our Classic faux fur based product reduces the most wind noise and is a great product for any cyclist, particularly those bothered by wind noise, have hearing issues such as tinnitus, or if you wear in ear hearing aids. Our AirStreamz also provides excellent wind noise reduction for any type of cycling, without the faux fur look. The difference in performance between the AirStreamz and the Classic is minimal. The AirStreamz Slim is as it's name says - Slim. While it is slightly smaller than our other products, it still provides excellent wind noise reduction. However, if you are bothered by wind noise, have hearing issues, or wear hearing aids, we do not recommend the Slim. Choose this product if you are concerned about the look of the product, or a competitive cyclist. The AirStreamz XL is recommended for those who are bothered by wind noise, have hearing issues, or if you wear BTE hearing aids. Please feel free to call us if you have any other questions or concerns
  • Do your products work with earbuds?
    While we do not condone wearing earbuds or earphones while riding, we know that many people enjoy music, e-books, or receiving phone calls while riding*. Our product will reduce wind noise significantly so you can turn the volume down and hear your surroundings while enjoying your podcasts, etc. *Earbuds can be a distraction and will cause additional noise when the wind hits the earbud. We recommend trying a bone conductor set such as AfterShokz. Our products have been tested and recommended by Aftershokz dealers.
  • Why are your products not recommended for Specialized helmets?
    Specialized has gone to a fixed clip system. Helmets with this system do not have adjustable straps, and the front strap sits much further from the ear than with other helmets, thus reducing the effect of our products. (see images) Our Classic faux fur product may provide some wind noise reduction but, due to the strap placement, you will not get the full effect of our products. While other companies claim to have products specifically for Specialized helmets, we have done the tests and nothing performs any better with these types of helmets. If your Specialized helmet does not have this fixed clip system, then any of our products will work fine with your helmet.
  • Why are your products not recommended for Nutcase, Bern or Skater style helmets?"
    Nutcase, Bern, and similar 'skater style' helmets have an integrated strap system that causes the helmet strap to be an inch or more off of the side of the face. This creates a large gap that our products can't fill, allowing wind to pass through between the strap and the face (see image). Some BMX style helmets also fall into this category. If your helmet has integrated straps, there may be a gap between the strap and your face, causing wind to slip through that gap. Any product would have to be huge to work with these helmets.
  • How many are in each package?
    All of our cycling products are sold in pairs - one for each ear.
  • What do I do if there is a problem with my order?
    Orders are shipped via USPS. If your order is not received withing 2 weeks from the ship date for domestic shipping, or 1 month from the ship date for international shipping, please contact us. We will resolve the issue promptly by either re-sending your order or issuing a refund. If you receive the wrong product, if your product is defective, or if you are missing items, please contact us and we will send you replacement products as required. If you wish to cancel your order, and your order has not yet been shipped, please contact us and we will cancel your order and issue a refund. If you pay for your order through PayPal, you have the right to begin a claim with PayPal. However, this will delay the process. Please contact us and we will resolve any issues immediately.
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